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The Importance of Basement Insulation


Basements can account for 20-35% of the heat loss in your home

 According to Natural Resources Canada, basement insulation is one of the biggest opportunities for reducing energy costs and often the most overlooked. Most basements have little or no insulation and contrary to popular belief earth is a poor insulator.

Why is Spray Foam Insulation the best choice for basement insulation?


  • Saves you money - Unlike fibreglass the R value is unaffected by wind or outside temperature
  • Provides both an air and vapor barrier in a single application
  • Spray foam insulation expands, filling gaps, and creating an airtight seal even in hard to reach places
  • Environmentally friendly


Highest "real world" R-value, lowest energy costs -R value for insulation comparison

R value is a measure of the efficiency of an insulation material measured in a lab in perfect conditions. 2lb closed cell spray foam insulation has an R value of 6 per inch. A typical wall with 3" of spray foam insulation applied achieves an average R value of 21.32 . Fibreglass batt has a theoretical R value of 19. According to independent research perfectly installed fibreglass achieves a measured R value of 17.4 and typically installed fibreglass measured an R value of 13.7 (because of the gaps). Further tests revealed the measured R value dropped a further 50% when the outside temperature dropped to -28C (not that cold for Ontario), due to the pressure difference between interior and exterior temperatures and convection causing the plastic barrier to compress the fibreglass and reduce its efficiency. Real world R values for Fibreglass at -28 C measured a mere 6.8. KinLar Insulation's spray foam insulation R-value is unaffected by the exterior temperature.

Provides both an air and vapor barrier in a single application

KinLar Insulation selected Polarfoam PF7300-0-SOYA, a CMCC approved 2lb closed cell urethane spray foam that both insulates and seals at the same time. Polarfoam professionally applied to concrete or gypsum board (drywall) significantly exceeds the air and water vapor permeance requirements of the national building code. In fact in an air barrier test Polarfoam exceeded the NBC requirement by 500 times.


Spray foam insulation expands filling gaps and creating an air tight seal even in hard to reach places

This is because KinLar insulation's soy-based spray foam insulation is applied as a liquid and expands to fit every gap, no matter how complex the shape. Fibreglass on the other hand permits air infiltration and convection which can be responsible for up to 35% of the heat loss in a home and is also susceptible to mold.

Environmentally Friendly -

Aside from the large reduction in emissions resulting from less energy loss simply seeping through your basement walls, there is also the impact of the production of the material to consider. Fortunately, KinLar Insulation's spray foam insulation is:

  • Made from vegetable oils and recycled plastic bottles
  • A Zero Ozone Depletion Substance
  • Conforms to the LEED program
  • Is the Green insulation solution of choice for residential properties


 What to consider when insulating your basement.

 Whether you are planning on finishing your basement or not, insulating a basement is essential to reducing energy costs. However, with the correct choice of basement insulation finished basements are more comfortable and less costly to heat.

Conventional insulation materials such as batt fibreglass insulation, or rigid foam insulation on the face of it are relatively cheap and have large theoretical R values. However, like all purchasing decisions, it is best consider the total cost. Batts and rigid foam require additional air and vapour barriers and are hard to install effectively around pipes, wires and irregular shapes particularly in the crawl space. This leads to air infiltration and dramatically reduced efficiency which increases energy costs for the entire lifetime of the basement. Installation costs are also not always what they appear once the time, effort and additional materials such as caulking, studs and fasteners, the air and vapour barrier and a fire-protective covering.

Install superior insulation now and save on energy costs for the entire lifetime of your home, after all energy costs are not going down anytime soon!

KinLar spray foam insulation is the best insulation material for basements.

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