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Attic Insulation Grants

The following is a subset of the eco ENERGY retrofit as it applies to attic insulation. For an overview of the ecoENERGY program...

If you are considering increasing the insulation in your attic then there are federal government grants up to $750 available to help towards the cost of the work. Below is the benefits table as it applies to Canadian homes if you apply before 31st March 2012:



Insulate a minimum of 20 percent of the total ceiling area. When the roof consists of more than one type (i.e., attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof), all applicable grants are pro-rated based on the ceiling area and roof type. The grant for any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof cannot exceed $750. Grants listed reflect 100 percent of the ceiling area being of one roof type. You must add additional insulation in the same location (e.g., attic floor vs. attic ceiling) as the insulation present at the time of the pre-retrofit evaluation.
Increase the insulation value of the following: Insulation level at the time of pre-retrofit evaluation
RSI 2.11 (R-12) and less Greater than RSI 2.11 (R-12) and up to RSI 4.40 (R-25) Greater than RSI 4.40 (R-25) and up to RSI 6.16 (R-35)
• your attic to achieve a total minimum insulation value of RSI 7.04 (R-40). $500 $250 N/A
• your attic to achieve a total minimum insulation value of RSI 8.81 (R-50). $750 $375 $125
• your flat roof and/or cathedral ceiling to achieve a total minimum insulation value of RSI 4.93 (R-28). $750 $250 N/A
Insulate your uninsulated flat roof or cathedral ceiling to increase its insulation value by a minimum of RSI 1.76 (R-10) to qualify for a grant of $500.


 Separate rules apply for MURB (Multi Unit Residential Buildings) and semi detached and row houses. 


How you go about achieving these R values depends largely on your property and the current insulation. But as a general rule of thumb if you have existing insulation it is more cost-effective to increase the depth of the existing insulation which is typically blown fiberglass or blown cellulose. If you have an older property without  much existing insulation, a  or cathedral ceiling or a room above a garage, then you may want to consider spray foam insulation for it's superior sealing properties and greater R-value (R=6 per inch).

KinLar insulation is an expert in the application of all forms of insulation material from blown cellulose, fiberglass, batts and spray foam insulation.

To determine which insulation material is most applicable for your attic and learn how much you can save why not call us today.



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